About Us

About Us

About Hart Medical Design

We serve the Buffalo area, as well as Rochester and surrounding locations.

We were founded in 2012 with the sole mission of enabling residents of Buffalo to live safely and independently at home, regardless of age or mobile ability. Our goals are to prevent falls and hospitalizations and provide independence, comfort, confidence and peace of mind.

We are committed to providing quality medical equipment for customers to assist with mobility challenges. In addition to helping customers who live at home, we also install and service safe patient handling equipment in hospitals (including Veteran’s Associations), clinics, nursing homes and group homes. We ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and works appropriately.

Our Services

Navigating the home can become severely dangerous for someone who is aging-in-place or someone who has physical limitations. We offer the following services to help make the home safer and to help make the lives of our clients, their loved ones and their caregivers easier:

Our History

Hart Medical Design is a local Buffalo construction company that makes homes more accessible and safe by consulting one-on-one with customers in a free in-home assessment to understand their needs, installing adaptive equipment in their homes and training them on how to use their new equipment.

We, however, are not just installers of equipment. We build relationships with our customers for life, so that they have all of the service, maintenance and assistance that they need on a long-term basis. This helps to make our customers feel secure and supported when it comes to their homes and how they live in them.

Why do we do what we do?

Our company has strong roots in Buffalo. Our owner, Mike Russell, has lived in Buffalo for almost 40 years and truly supports the community and its members.

We believe in Buffalo as our way of life and our place of work. We want to help make Buffalo a better place by making the homes within it safer. We strive to empower our customers to live in their homes as long as they would like. We are not a national brand, so we can afford to funnel all of our resources and efforts to residents of the Buffalo and Rochester areas.

We care deeply about our clients and focus on their success and well-being. Where we thrive is in the personal, professional and prompt service that we provide.

Contact us today either online or by phone and let’s get started on helping you to make your home a safe and happy place.