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Walk-in Tubs
Walk-in Tubs
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Walk-In Tubs in Buffalo

Walk-in tubs are a very popular option for those who need a bath safety solution, but don’t want to remodel their bathrooms.

Walk-in tubs are essentially tubs that have a secure door attached that allows customers to literally “walk-into” their tubs without having to lift their leg over the traditionally tall wall of a bathtub.

The walk-in tub doors seal shut and allow water to fill up the tub in a convenient and mess-free way.

Many people who have mobility issues love our walk-in tubs because they allow our customers to maintain a regular bathing routine, while not having to worry about slipping and falling into the tub or onto the ground.

There is also a built-in chair inside of the walk-in tub which provides both safety and comfort during the bathing process.

Our walk-in tubs are a safe, convenient and cost-effective way to convert your bathroom into a safer place.

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Deep walk-in tub next to bathroom sink
Walk-in tub with hand-held shower hose
Deep walk-in tub with door open