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Ceiling Lifts
Ceiling Lifts
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Ceiling Lift Installation in Buffalo – We can install a ceiling lift in your home!

Hart Medical Design is a pioneer in the installation, service and maintenance of overhead ceiling lifts and portable lifts. In fact, this is how our business started. Hart Medical Design has installed hundreds of ceiling lift systems in variety of settings to include our customers homes, hospitals and in long-term care communities.

Many people in Buffalo, Rochester and Western New York have a difficult time with basic activities of daily living. These activities can be as simple as getting out bed, getting on & off the toilet and transferring to a favorite chair in the family room. Overhead ceiling lifts and portable lifts are designed to help our customers with these basic everyday activities and to keep everyone in the home safe.

How long would it take to install a ceiling lift system in my home?

Our ceiling lift installation timeline is usually very quick. In most cases, after we receive the ceiling lift components from the manufacturer, we can have the ceiling lift installed within 2-4 weeks. Ceiling lift configurations can be very simple – such as one piece of straight ceiling track – or they can be very complex and customized. The configuration of your ceiling lift system will also affect the installation time.

Ceiling Lift Slings

It is important to note that finding the correct ceiling lift sling is critical part of the ceiling lift installation process. Slings are an accessory for each ceiling lift and finding the correct sling type and size will enhance the use of the ceiling lift. Our expert team is more than qualified to determine the correct ceiling lift configuration and sling application.

All of our slings are designed to fit any lift and a wide variety of transfer needs. If a sling doesn’t suit your requirements, we’re happy to have one custom made to ensure maximum comfort, support, and mobility.

Ceiling Lift Home Assessment Details

After we receive your request for a free evaluation, one of our ceiling lift specialists will conduct a home evaluation to determine the best possible ceiling lift configuration for you and your home. Hart Medical Design employs multiple installation and service experts that specialize exclusively on ceiling lifts. We are uniquely positioned to install and service your ceiling lift system.

Ceiling Lift Systems

All of our ceiling lift systems have the same components and materials. These components include the ceiling track, the lift motor and the sling. Depending on the ceiling lift configuration, some of our more complex lift systems can include a turn-table (multi-direction ceiling lift), electric motor and customizable slings. Before our customers begin their ceiling lift project, we have a detailed drawing and scope of work which highlights every possible detail of the ceiling lift.

How does Hart Medical Design Out-peform competitors who install ceiling lifts in the Buffalo Area?

After every ceiling installation, we conduct several safety checks to ensure that the lift is properly installed. In addition to these safety checks, we ensure that the customer understands the proper use of the ceiling lift system and knows who to contact at Hart Medical Design if there are follow up questions about the lift. We have an extensive showroom that highlights the latest in ceiling lift technology and we have multiple ceiling lifts on display. Come visit us!

Benefits of a ceiling lift installation in your home

Installing a ceiling lift system is an important decision to make. Ceiling lift systems are clinically proven to support activities of daily living and prevent unnecessary injury from lifting a loved one. Once installed, our customers notice that ceiling lift systems are safe, easy-to-use and out of the way. Since our lifts are installed in the ceiling, they do not occupy space in the bedroom, bathroom or other common areas.

The clinical applications of a ceiling lift are many. Ceiling lifts are proven to be an optimal solution for the lifting & handling of a loved one. It is very easy to get hurt by lifting someone out of bed and ceiling lifts can help prevent this. Ceiling lifts help prevent unnecessary injury and are far more comfortable for people to use then getting manually lifted by another individual.

Ceiling lift system and track installed in a bedroom
Elderly woman sitting in sling of ceiling lift with occupational therapist assisting
Ceiling lift track that moves through a hallway that was custom built for the track