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Stair Lifts
Stair Lifts
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Are you looking for stair lifts in Buffalo for your home or for the home of a loved one or client?

You have come to the right place.

Hart Medical Design is Buffalo’s local stair lift installation company

Hart Medical Design installs stair lifts in Buffalo, NY, and surrounding areas, including Rochester, NY.

– We are experts in home safety equipment.
– We have been installing stair lifts in homes for years.
– Our team can install a stair lift in most multi-level homes throughout the Buffalo and Rochester region.
– Our stair lifts can be installed in both indoor and outdoor stairwells.

As mobility becomes an issue for individuals, stairs can often be the most dangerous fall hazard in the home. Our primary goal in installing stair lifts in Buffalo is to help prevent these unnecessary falls and ensure the safety of our customers.

Providing our Buffalo customers with independence, confidence and mobility, through the installation of a stair lift, gives us great pride as a locally-owned company.

How can I schedule a free in-home assessment for a stair lift?

After you request your quote online or call our office, one of our stair lift specialists will contact you to schedule a free in-home stair lift assessment to gain a solid understanding of your needs and determine the exact stair lift configuration that is right for you.

We provide stair lift installation services to Buffalo, NY, and Rochester, NY, as well as the surrounding areas and suburbs.

How long does the free in-home assessment take?

This assessment typically takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

During the assessment, we will take measurements of your stairwell, discuss your various stair lift options and review the installation process, pricing and warranty details with you.

How long does it take to install stair lifts?

Typical installation for a straight stair lift will take approximately 3-5 hours.

Installation for curved or custom stair lifts can often take between 4-6 hours, depending on the stair lift configuration. The more complex the build is, the longer we will need for installation.

How wide does my stairwell need to be in order to install a stair lift?

We understand that not all stairs and stairwells are made the same. Fortunately, Hart Medical Design has installed many stair lifts in Buffalo over the years, so we are very comfortable with the different layouts and configurations of the homes in the Buffalo and Rochester areas. Ideally, stairwells should be 36-inches wide, but we do offer a variety of stair lifts that can fit within most spaces.

Are the stair lifts covered by a warranty?

Hart Medical Design offers a one-year full-service and parts warranty.

What happens after the stair lift is installed? We will make sure you receive information on:

  • how to engage the stair lift to transfer up or down the levels of the home
  • how to ensure the seat belt of the stair lift is fastened properly and securely
  • how to use the footrest to keep your feet from dragging on the  staircase and to keep your balance
  • how to utilize the rocker switch to alter the position of the chair
  • the rail safety sensor that alerts in the event that an object is in stair lift’s path
  • the swivel option that allows for rotation of the chair
  • the handheld remote which allows the stair lift to be moved up and down the staircase without anyone sitting in it

What are the benefits of installing a stair lift in the home?

  • Can improve the quality of life
  • Can provide increased safety in the home
  • Can prevent falls from occurring in the home
  • Can enable individuals to live at home rather than moving into a long-term care or skilled nursing facility
  • Can provide peace of mind and comfort for individuals who would otherwise worry or have anxiety about accessing the different levels of their home
  • Can provide family members with the peace of mind that their loved one has fall prevention measures in place

Why should I choose Hart Medical Design for my stair lift installation project?

– We like to view Hart Medical Design as a long-term partner for our customers.
– We are proud supporters of the aging-in-place community and have built a strong reputation as a company.
– We are a Veteran-owned, local Buffalo business that focuses exclusively on our customers’ home accessibility and installing stair lifts that will serve as long-term solutions for our customers.
– Our stair lifts are manufactured right here in the United States.
– Access to our local stair lift manufacturer enables Hart Medical Design the ability to install your stair lift as soon as you need it and meet any service need that you have almost immediately.

What other services does Hart Medical Design provide?

In addition to stair lifts, we offer a wide array of services that make living at home easier, more convenient, sustainable and, because of all of the above, more enjoyable.

For those who use wheelchairs, we offer accessible bathrooms, including walk-in showers, walk-in tubs, tub-to-shower conversions and grab bars.

Finally, we also offer portable lifts and ceiling lifts for those with a higher level of mobility needs.

All of our services are aimed at making homes safer and empowering customers to live at home as long as they would like.