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Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair Ramps
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Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Buffalo, NY

If you are searching for wheelchair ramps in Buffalo, you have found the right company. Hart Medical Design is one of the leaders in wheelchair ramp installation in the Western New York region.

Wheelchair ramps are sometimes referred to modular ramps. One of the primary purposes of wheelchair ramps is the enable people to safely enter and exit their homes. These ramps can also assist family members and caregivers in helping customers to get into and out of their homes without having to worry about a stair-related fall risk. Stairs can be very scary when a person has limited mobility or is unstable on his or her feet.

Modular aluminum ramp with one person helping another person in a wheelchair
Wheelchair ramp installed to the front door of a house
Modular wheelchair ramp

How can I schedule a free in-home wheelchair ramp assessment?

After you request your quote online or call our office, one of our wheelchair ramp specialists will contact you to schedule a free in-home stair lift assessment. It’s that easy!

Our ramp evaluations usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will detail the wheelchair ramp layout, product information, warranty information and pricing.

We install wheelchair ramps in Buffalo, NY, and Rochester, NY, as well as the surrounding areas and suburbs.

In the Buffalo and Rochester areas, thousands of people are trying to figure out how to keep their independence by living at home. Wheelchair or modular ramps are a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to support living safely at home.

How long would it take to install a wheelchair ramp at my home?

Our ramp installation process is straightforward and transparent. The installation time-frame can range between 3-5 hours.

The length of time that it takes to install each ramp varies on the dimensions of the home, the number of steps that the ramp will replace and where our customers would like the ramp to be installed.

Most of the time, we will have the required ramp material at our local warehouse. Having those materials on-site allows us to install your wheelchair ramp quickly and efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Would my wheelchair ramp by covered by a warranty should something happen?

Yes, our wheelchair ramps come with a 3-year warranty.

Benefits of Wheelchair Ramps

Installing a wheelchair ramp has many benefits. The primary benefits include:

  • fall prevention
  • being able to continue to live at home, instead of a facility
  • safely navigating steps and other thresholds
  • reducing anxiety of customers
  • providing customers with peace of mind that they can move in and out of their homes with ease and safety
  • reducing fears and anxiety of family members
  • protecting caregivers during entry and exit from the home
  • can be removed when no longer needed

How many pounds can the wheelchair ramp hold?

The weight capacity of our ramps is 750 pounds.

Wheelchair Ramp Dimensions

Wheelchair ramp dimensions are customized to fir our customers’ homes and individual needs. Ramps can be configured in many ways, so it is important that a thorough home and ramp evaluation is completed by one of our wheelchair ramp specialists. You can request for your free evaluation online or call us today.
Wheelchair ramp installed to the front door of a house
Aluminum ramp
Modular aluminum wheelchair ramp installed in a garage

Hart Medical Design Are Wheelchair Ramp Installation Experts

Hart Medical Design is a Veteran-owned small business that uniquely specializes in our customers’ home accessibility. It is our mission to enable our customers safe access to into their homes through the installation of customized wheelchair ramps.

We are uniquely positioned to support you and your loved ones. We have expert staff members who are dedicated to finding the right wheelchair ramp solution for you. Additionally, we have a home accessibility showroom that we invite you to come see. Our showroom has a variety of ramps that you can try out.